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With hints of an early Kings of Leon vocal, the new single is an explosion of rock n roll.
— Yack Magazine
makes you want to throw your body around in appreciation.
— Gig Radar
A tour de force of the mostest bestest songs from KEXP’s Morning Show, hosted by Mr. John Richards. This may one day be regarded as the definitive podcast of the year 2019. Your move, world.
— KEXP - Music That Matters, Vol. 688 - The Mostest Bestest (Podcast)
Their sound is fun, fast, loud and bouncy.
— Kurt Clark - Nehi Stripes Musiczine
Dirty Rugs are bringing back the raw, rock sound of the ‘90s
If a lust for life could be personified in one scorching riff, it’d probably sound something like Dirty Rugs latest effort ‘We’re All Dying (I Feel Alive)
— Born Music
Dirty Rugs are Seattle’s rising modern day rock n’ roll band with tons of experience creating music that is full of feeling.
— Ryan Cassata, Rock The Pigeon 
DIRTY RUGS are not the past. They are the future.
— Chf Staff, Come Here Floyd
Dirty Rugs have all the hallmarks of bands like The Strokes and The Dandy Warhols.
— Mind Noise Network