Dirty Rugs - EPK

Artist Information

Label: Independent 

Genre: garage rock/post-punk revival

Hometown: Seattle, WA 

Influences: The Pixies, Tom Petty, Eagles of Death Metal 

Sounds like: Motorhead, Kings of Leon, Weezer 


Born out of late nights, loud guitars and cheap beer, Dirty Rugs are “bringing back the raw, rock sound of the ‘90s” (KEXP). The Seattle four-piece got their name from the beer soaked rug that lays beneath the drum kit in their practice space, but it’s raucous riffs, fist pumping percussion and chant-a-long vocals that really tie the room together. The band, comprised of a pair of twins and two “Cody’s”, draws influence from all across the rock spectrum, from Motorhead and The Pixies to Tom Petty and early Kings of Leon.

Dirty Rugs got off to a quick start recording a 3 song EP with renowned engineer/mixer/producer Matt Bayles (Minus the Bear, Mastodon, The Sword). Since their first show in December 2017 all 3 songs from the initial EP have garnered radio airplay on 90.3 KEXP (Seattle) and 91.9 WFPK (Louisville). Their first year has included a West Coast tour, a music festival appearance, and shows with some of the PNW's better known acts (Hobosexual, Monsterwatch, Tango Alpha Tango).

Upcoming Shows 

We’re All Dying (I Feel Alive) - mp3 - wav

Glimpse - mp3 - wav

All Free - mp3 - wav


“Dirty Rugs are bringing back the raw, rock sound of the '90s.” - KEXP

“If a lust for life could be personified in one scorching riff, it’d probably sound something like Dirty Rugs latest effort ‘We’re All Dying (I Feel Alive)’” - Born Music

“Dirty Rugs are Seattle’s rising modern day rock n’ roll band with tons of experience creating music that is full of feeling.” - Ryan Cassata, Rock The Pigeon